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Client Services

Because client relations are the foundation of the Lakeshore East Law Group, Clients of our firm will have a personalized client portal set up for them that is accessible online 24 hours a day. The portal provides instant availability to all your pertinent case information and documents, billing, and communication. 
The swift sharing of case information always keeps our clients in the loop regarding their case and gives them peace of mind and the power of knowledge regarding every aspect of their matter.
Once set up with a client portal account, you will be able to log into the private and secure portal where we can share calendars with any important dates for your matter, all important and relevant case documents, and billing details regarding your case. 
 You will receive “Facebook style” notifications and alerts of case developments. All of the features within the client portal are intended to save you time, decrease stress, and save you money, while improving the communication, efficiency, and convenience associated with your case. 
You can easily view your invoices and even make online payments.
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