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At the Lakeshore East Law Group, whether it is a medical malpractice case, a wrongful death case, a vehicle accident case or civil rights violation by law enforcement, your injury is personal to us!


Losing a loved one is difficult. Losing a loved one because of the negligence of another can be devastating. We, at the Lakeshore East Law Group, understand the trauma that a wrongful death or medical malpractice can cause a family. We know because the firm’s managing partner filed suit against a rehabilitation center for the death of his own mother. We can empathize with the pain and loss of each one of our malpractice and wrongful death clients and we stop at nothing to bring justice to your family that you so rightfully deserve.


A major vehicle accident can change your life in an instant. At every step our firm focuses on meeting our clients physical, mental and psychological needs during this difficult process. In this spirit, we strive to accelerate the settlement process by aggressively pushing the insurance companies to settlement in the shortest time frame possible. We refuse to allow the insurance companies to add insult to your injury by a slow claims and settlement process. We do everything in our power to make our clients whole as quickly as possible.


We are all aware of the abuse of authority of law enforcement that has been occurring for decades, especially in the urban communities across our nation. The Lakeshore East Law Group is determined never to allow for anyone who’s civil rights have been violated by law enforcement officers, as well as private entities, to escape being held accountable for their actions. We are committed to removing the scourge of racial profiling and unlawful arrests and detentions by taking on anyone or any entity that would dare to walk on the liberties of all citizens and we fight to win.

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